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Money Plant – Small


Money plant – small

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What are money plants?

Money plants, also known as jade plants or Crassula Ovata, are beautiful succulent plants native to South Africa. They are one of the most popular choices of succulents worldwide and have a rich history of being lucky and a charm for good fortune in your life and finances!


Money plants make great house plants because they are very low maintenance indoor plants, requiring very little water even in summer, since their leaves and branches are thick, fleshy and full of water.

Money plants are well known for their longevity, lasting for many years in your home and will probably outlive any other house plants you may have, so they are a great investment if you love to keep plants in your home. They are suitable for any room indoors and won’t be damaged by warm temperatures or humidity, however, be careful not to overwater them!

Money plants are well suited to propagation, with small clippings being easily cut and rooted, allowing you to expand your money plant collection with ease. This also makes these plants great for sharing since they can be cut and sent to a number of people to grow in their homes. Money plants do not require regular pruning, but like bonsais, they can be shaped and styled in a manner that suits you, making them an excellent choice for trimming and styling if you don’t want the hassle of growing the more delicate bonsai plants.

Now that you know a bit about money plants and how to look after them, why not shop our selection of money plants great for indoors. Shop for money plants online or in-store now!


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