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Indoor Plants

Shop online for our lovely collection of exotic indoor plants! From cactus, succulents, orchids, money plants, yuccas, large indoor plants and small plants, we have a wide variety of house plants online and in-store perfect for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or just about anywhere!

Great for gifts: Plants make excellent gifts since they symbolise thought and longevity, lasting much longer than flowers for example. Indoor Plants are great gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas and just to say Thank You to someone special.

Caring for your indoor plant: With a bit of water and care, your plants can last a lifetime, with many indoor plants such as money plants lasting decades! Whether you’re moving house or just want a fabulous addition to your home, office or venue décor, indoor plants make a great low maintenance choice to show off your space with sophistication and style.

Choice and longevity: With the choice of flowering plants such as anthuriums and orchids and evergreen indoor plants like yuccas and dracaenas, it couldn’t be easier to choose an exotic indoor plant that matches your needs and requirements. Watch your plant continue to grow through the years and have the great satisfaction of knowing that you are taking care of something special and truly beautiful. Grab a piece of nature and purify the air in your home with our amazing indoor and house plants.

Buy indoor plants and house plants online, or in-store. It’s never been easier to get your house plants delivered straight to your door, shop online now!

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